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BJP plans 125 Modi shows to fan in voters across 500 Lok Sabha constituencies

Most rallies in UP, Bihar, and West Bengal
20 rallies are likely to be held in UP
High intensity campaign with Cluster based approach
Delhi. 2019 general elections  of India will be none alike that of past, where instead of ideologies the fight will be between incumbent prime minister Narendra Modi and Mahagathbandhan of Rahul Gandhi. The month-long general elections will be held in 7 phases between April 11 and May 19. PM Modi with team have been planning an intricate plan to cover maximum Lok Sabha constituency across the country.

High intensity campaign
Sources said that the 68-year-old PM is ready for high intensity campaign trail where he would address around 125 rallies covering no less than 500 Lok Sabha constituencies. Most likely it would be high intensity cluster-based approach will be put in place. As usual Uttar Pradesh will have highest priority where maximum number of rallies are being planned. At least 20 rallies of Modi will be organised across Uttar Pradesh. Nearby states such as Bihar and West Bengal will also be given high priority.

Cluster based approach
The election campaign will focus cluster-based approach no less than 3 parliamentary constituencies will be accommodated in one cluster to be targeted by the PM. The mass gatherings, rallies will be decided by number of constituencies in the state. With first round of polling beginning on April 11 the campaign is likely to begin at the end of March.

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