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Most Raichands live in Dhar

Dhar citizens top in providing feedback and suggestions
EC received 40,324 phone calls from across the state
District headquarter receive 392 calls per day
SHAHROZ AFRIDI @ BHOPAL: Analysis of number of calls received at call centre of Election Commission says that people of Dhar believe more in giving suggestions than complaining. District wise data of calls received at election commission call centre 1950 reveal that people in Dhar district made 1700 calls since the implementation of model code of conduct. Out of these, 659 calls were made to give suggestions and feedback to the election commission. On the contrary, only 72 calls were made to lodge complaint. Overall 746 calls made were not related to elections. 223 callers sought information through calls.

Dhar and Dewas districts have shown an exceptional hype in comparison to towns of their size. Numbers of calls from these small districts have crossed one thousand mark while other small districts calls are in hundreds.Highest numbers of calls were made from Indore district. Citizens from Indore made 6574 calls out of which 5765 were made to seek information while 618 callers made complaints.

Citizens of capital city stay far behind Indore in using call centre facility. Only 2287 calls were made from Bhopal district but numbers of complaints made through call centre stands at 890 which are highest in the state. Overall 1353 callers sought information from the centre.

Citizens of newly formed Niwari district were found to be most apathetic towards the election commission call centre- where only 61 calls were received during this period. Citizens of Jabalpur too used the call centre and made 1990 calls out of which 1618 sought information while 317 complaints were lodged through phone calls.  

The call centre 1950 of the Election Commission has received 40,324 phone calls from across the state till date. On an average, call centres located at every district headquarter receive 392 calls per day. The callers can seek information, provide suggestions or complain through these call centres.  

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